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How does it work?

The server part is pretty much standard web app. The client uses bash-preexec hack to send commands when they are executed.

Does it send commands to a centralized server?

Yes. It is part of the experiment. I really would like to see people sharing their one-liners, and I hope HistSync makes sharing easier

Are commands private by default?

Yes. Everything is private by default. But you can choose cool one-liners and share them with others! In fact, this is highly encouraged :)

I don't want to send my commands to some other guy's server. Can I deploy the app locally (or on my own VPS)

Well, yeah. The code for both server and client is available under the MIT license. The authentication part is handled by github, so stand-alone installation may be tricky, but it will be implemented in the near future: See this issue.

Does it work with other shells?

zsh has preexec() by default, so you don't need to use bash-preexec hack(i.e. don't source I'm not sure about other shells.

Is there an API?

Yes, but the current API is limited (sending commands and getting a full list). There will be a full API available in the near future. The full API is important, so it is a priority.

I think it would be cool if the app did [X]

I probably think this too! I wanted to release a minimal version before adding new features. I'll be happy to hear your feedback here